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June 17, 2016

9am – 1pm CDT

 This 4-hour experiential program is based on the work of Dr. Fred Luskin of Stanford University.  Dr. Luskin is the founder and director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Projects.  He is also the Senior Consultant in Health Promotion at Stanford University and Department Chair in Clinical Psychology at Sofia University.  Dr. Luskin is also the author of bestselling books on forgiveness and stress.

The program offers insight into the emotional, psychological, and medical benefits of closure through forgiveness.  The program includes a nine-step method based on a cognitive behavioral approach that will take you beyond being “stuck” on unresolved hurts from the past to gain closure.  Forgiveness doesn’t mean condoning unkindness or reconciling with those who have hurt us; it’s a way to make peace with the past in order to move forward in life. Based on scientific research, this program provides insight into the healing powers and benefits of forgiveness. Participants will learn the nine steps, how to use them in their own lives, and how to teach them to clients. 

Judie Cooper, MA, will facilitate the program.  Ms. Cooper is a therapist at Lighthouse Care Center in Conway, SC, an inpatient psychiatric facility. 

CEU’s will be provided for LAC’s, social workers, nurses, _____________

Light refreshments will be provided. 

Conference fee is $40.00

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