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History of Heartview

According to one of Heartview’s founders, “Heartview Foundation is an example of free enterprise, intelligent planning, and dedicated effort at work, meeting the challenges and opportunities of today’s most serious illnesses.”
Originally named, “The Heartview Alcoholism Treatment Clinic,” the program was established in 1963 and began operating in the fall of 1964. At that time, Heartview was the only private facility for the treatment of substance abuse between Minneapolis and the state of Washington. Prior to its establishment, civic leaders throughout the state of North Dakota recognized the need for a private facility to assist men and women in this vast region. A capital fund drive was launched, and a large portion of the necessary funds were raised within a few months of opening the clinic. Contributions came from across the state from businessmen, Jaycee chapters and many caring, generous individuals.
The Heartview Alcoholism Treatment Clinic was located in two buildings formerly occupied by the Mandan Hospital and a nursing home in Mandan, North Dakota, Bismarck’s sister city. Both buildings were extensively remodeled to remove the institutional atmosphere. Services included both inpatient and outpatient care, tailored to the needs of the individual. The original capacity at Heartview was limited to 40 patients.
The name was soon changed to Heartview Foundation and as the demand for services grew, a new building was built in the late 1970’s on a large campus overlooking the Heart River in Mandan. In the mid 1980’s, a new adolescent unit was added to the building and services began for youths 18 and under. At that time, Heartview served patients from across the United States and Canada. Heartview had a total of 91 inpatient beds, 16 of which were in the adolescent unit. Many patients were also served on an outpatient basis.
In the mid 1990’s, Heartview downsized due to financial challenges. Heartview Foundation moved to Bismarck in 1996 and provided only outpatient treatment for a short period of time. The demand for Heartview’s experienced, high-quality services quickly rebounded and Heartview purchased its current building at 101 E. Broadway in July of 2006, giving Heartview the needed space to provide a wide array of services. The decision was made by the Board of Directors to again offer residential treatment, and the new Residential Unit opened in November of 2007.
The rest of the building underwent a complete remodel in 2011 yielding more group rooms and offices, a specimen collection lab, two waiting rooms, updated public restrooms, new business office and health information management departments, and a large area for educational conferences. The glass-enclosed entrance was created to be a place of light, representing the hope of healing and the miracle of recovery for those entering the facility.
In the fall of 2014, Heartview was approached by Towner County Medical Center to expand its expertise and service to the community of Cando, North Dakota. Through funds provided by Dakota Medical Foundation, Heartview purchased the former Center for Solutions facility and opened a 16 bed residential unit and outpatient treatment services in August, 2015.
The dream of a few civic leaders to bring help to those suffering from the disease of substance abuse became a reality in 1963 and continues to this day. Since its inception, Heartview has served over 28,800 patients and their families, making it the most-experienced, private, non-profit addiction education and treatment center in the region.


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