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Meet Our Staff

Heartview Foundation has a staff of approximately 35 full-time, part-time, and contracted professionals. The staff is made up of highly-trained, experienced professionals in the addiction treatment field.

Addiction counselors, nurses, social workers, a mental health worker, a psychologist, a physician specially trained in addiction care, a chaplain, chiropractor, certified yoga instructor, art instructor, chemical dependency technicians, and many and others will all be involved in treating your illness. 

Together, we will work with you and your family or loved ones to help you maintain abstinence from alcohol or drugs and begin a new life.

If you are interested in applying at Heartview Foundation please fill out our application.
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Key members of our professional staff that may be involved in your care are listed below.

Medical Director
Health Information Management
Grant Management
Cando Facility Staff

01 Administration

kurtsnyder_2.jpg Image

Kurt A. Snyder, MMGT, LSW, LAC

Executive Director


Kurt has been the Executive Director at Heartview Foundation since January 2005. In addition to holding a Master’s in Management, Kurt is also a Licensed Social Worker and a Licensed Addiction Counselor. Kurt works under the Board of Directors in providing financial, clinical, personnel, and technical oversight for Heartview. He is active in many state and national organizations related to addiction treatment, bringing cutting edge knowledge to the Heartview staff and opportunities for input in many addiction treatment arenas.  

Heartview-Staff_WebBorder16_1BethStroupe-Menge.jpg Image

Beth Stroup-Menge, MS, LSW, LAC

Chief Operating Officer


Beth Stroup-Menge has been affiliated with Heartview since 1983. She was formerly the Director of the Adolescent Unit. Beth serves Heartview by supervising all staff in Bismarck and Cando.


02 Medical Director

Heartview-Staff-Image-Melissa-Henke.jpg Image

Melissa J. Henke, MD

Medical Director


Dr. Henke, Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine, serves as Heartview’s Medical Director.  In that capacity, Dr. Henke participates in interdisciplinary case review, develops and oversees patient medical protocols, reviews nursing assessments for appropriate withdrawal management, and confers with the interdisciplinary team regarding patient care management. She also provides medical oversight to the Medication-Assisted Therapy program and ongoing care to individual patients. Dr. Henke serves on the Governor’s Counsel for Recovery Reinvented as well as the Medical Director of the North Dakota Professional Health Program.


03 Psychology

matthew_doppler-staff-photo.jpg Image

Matthew Doppler, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist


Dr. Doppler, is employed by Sanford Behavioral Health in Bismarck as well as providing psychological services at Heartview.  He engages in weekly consultation with Heartview’s Interdisciplinary team.  Dr. Doppler reviews patients’ psychological testing, determines the need for psychiatric referrals, makes treatment recommendations, establishes psychological testing protocols for adolescents and adults, and reviews individual cases, upon request.


Mark Doerner, PHD

Clinical Psychologist


Dr. Doerner is employed by Sanford Behavioral Health in Bismarck as well as providing psychological services at Heartview. Dr. Doerner is an experienced psychologist who recognizes the importance of access to behavioral health services to people who live and work in rural settings. He works with people of all ages who face a wide variety of challenges. 


04 Counseling

Karalee Harper, MMgt, LAC

Compliance Officer, Education and Training Coordinator


Karalee completed her Bachelor of Science in Addiction Counseling and Masters in Management from the University of Mary. Karalee brings almost 20 years' experience in the addiction profession with a variety of experiences including being the Chronic Disease Director at the ND Department of Health. Karalee joined Heartview in May 2018. 


Christy Anderson, BA, LAC

Director of Outpatient/Evaluation Services


Christy graduated from Minot State University with a degree in Addiction Studies in 1999 and in 2000 she received her Licensed Addiction Counselor status. Her first job was at North Central Human Service Center in Minot, ND working in various programs. She has also been employed at the ND State Penitentiary with her last place of employment being at the Prairie Learning Center in Raleigh, ND. Christy was employed there for 12 years. Christy has served on various addiction related boards such as the NDACA-ND Addiction Counseling Association and NDATPC-ND Addiction Treatment Provider’s Coalition. 


Kelsey LaBere, LPCC

Director of Day Treatment and Mental Health Services


Kelsey worked in our residence while going to school and in 2016 she obtained a Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is licensed as an LPCC. She provides individual and group counseling as well as other mental health services for patients in need. She is also trained as a Tobacco Treatment Specialist and provides tobacco cessation services. 


Jessica Brewster, LAC

Director of Opioid Treatment Program


Jessica joined the staff in July 2019. She is currently the Director of the OTP Program.

Heartview-Staff_WebBorder16_16KarissaKautzman.jpg Image

Karissa Kautzman, BS, LAC

Licensed Addiction Counselor


Karissa, a Hettinger native, completed her Addiction Studies with a minor in Business Administration through Minot State University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree. She interned at Heartview and West Central Human Service Center and was hired by Heartview during her internship. Karissa currently facilitates Day Treatment.

Heartview-Staff_WebBorder16_7BruceCarlson.jpg Image

Bruce Carlson, LAC

Licensed Addiction Counselor


Bruce has been working as a counselor in the addiction field since 1985. He has been with Heartview since 2004. He is a highly experienced counselor. Bruce provides direct patient care in Friday continuing care group. Bruce is partially retired. 

Marjean_web_2.jpg Image

Marjean Schwehr, LAC

Licensed Addiction Counselor


Marjean joined the Heartview staff January of 2013.  She has been an addiction counselor since 2003 with previous employment at Prairie Learning Center and the Bismarck Transition Center.  Marjean completes comprehensive evaluations and works with the  evening Continuing Care program.

DarcyOlson1.jpg Image

Darcy Olson, LMAC

Licensed Master Addiction Counselor


Originally from Williston, ND, Darcy returned to the state after 24 years in Minnesota working at a variety of positions in the chemical dependency field.  Prior to his employment at Heartview, Darcy was in private practice offering two outpatient programs to jail inmates in Becker County, MN.  Darcy obtained a BA degree from Minot State University in 1986, majoring in addiction studies, and earned his Masters of Education degree in 1988 from North Dakota State University, with a focus on addiction studies. Darcy has been employed with Heartview since July of 2011 and currently facilitates the IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) in the evenings. 

RogerPeet_web_2.jpg Image

Roger Peet, LAC

Licensed Addiction Counselor


Roger joined the Heartview staff in March 2013. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Mary with Post Baccalaureate work in addiction counseling. Roger started his addiction counseling career in 1994 and spent the entire time working at the North Dakota State Penitentiary. Roger completes comprehensive patient assessments and is currently working with the Opioid Treatment Program (OTP).         

Heartview-Staff_WebBorder16_5NataleeStorey.jpg Image

Natalee Storey, BS, LAC

Licensed Addiction Counselor


Natalee has been employed at the Heartview Foundation since March 2014.  She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from MSUM in 2009 and then went on to complete her Addiction Studies coursework through Minot State. Natalee currently completes comprehensive patient evaluations.


Carlee Eckert, LAC

Licensed Addiction Counselor


Carlee started working at Heartview in the Fall of 2014. She currently facilitates a Day Treatment group.


Tom Regan, LAC

Public Relations Director, Licensed Addiction Counselor


Tom has served as Heartview's public relations director since June 2013. The first two decades of Tom's 40-year professional career were spent in journalism and broadcasting fields. He moved from his hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Bismarck-Mandan in 1981 to work for Prairie Public Broadcasting where he was manager of the Radio Division. From 1994 to 2009, Tom was executive director of Missouri Slope Areawide United Way. Tom completed master's degree coursework in addiction counseling through University of Mary in May 2013, and in addition to his public relations work, he is a licensed addiction counselor at Heartview. Tom also served on Heartview's Board of Directors for 11 years. Tom facilitates continuing care on Tuesday evening, and additionaly holds a weekly Grief Group.

Heartview-Staff_WebBorder16_4LisaRoth.jpg Image

Lisa Roth, LAC

Licensed Addiction Counselor


Lisa joined the Heartview staff officially in 2016 after being hired following her internship. Lisa currently works in the Opioid Treatment Program (OTP).


Layn Sabot, LAC, LAPC

Licensed Addiction Counselor


Kelly McCormick, LAC

Licensed Addiction Counselor


Molly Witthauer, LAC

Licensed Addiction Counselor


Shannon Huber, LAC

Licensed Addiction Counselor


Lisa Vannote, LAC

Licensed Addiction Counselor


Whitney Clapp, LAC

Licensed Addiction Counselor


Shellie Mierwald, LAC

Licensed Addiction Counselor


Sonja Bosch, MS, LAC

Licensed Addiction Counselor


Morgan Turner, LAC

Licensed Addiction Counselor


Cathy Palczewski

Case Manager


DeAnn Super, LBSW

Case Manager


Katie Franchuk

Case Manager


05 Nursing

Heartview-Staff_WebBorder16_6CrystalMesser.jpg Image

Crystal Messer, RN

Nurse Manager


Crystal attended Medcenter One College of Nursing where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She then worked at Medcenter One/Sanford Hospital on a medical surgical floor where she gained experience with overdose, withdrawal, emotional and behavioral issues as well as post-surgical care until starting at Heartview in 2013.

At Heartview Crystal oversees the Nursing Department. She also works closely with Dr. Henke regarding the needs of her clients and the Buprenorphrine program.  


Shari Forschen, APRN-CNP

Nurse Practitioner

Heartview-Staff_WebBorder16_18JamieMettler.jpg Image

Jamie Mettler, RN

Registered Nurse


Jamie graduated from Jamestown College in 2000 with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing.  She joined Heartview in March 2015.  She has experience in many areas of nursing, but her most recent employment was with HIT working with traumatic brain injuries and mental health.  Jamie provides direct patient care and assists patients with detox medications, mental health services, and med assisted therapy.  She is involved in taking intake calls for patients interested in residential services and completes nursing assessments. 


Meagan Schrader, RN

Registered Nurse


Meagan graduated from Bismarck State College in 2012 with an Associates in Science and Sanford College of Nursing in 2014 with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing in 2014. After graduation she started working at Sanford Hospital and specialized in Emergency and Trauma care gaining experience in many different areas of nursing including overdose, withdrawal, and mental health. She has been a nurse at Heartview Foundation since December of 2017. At Heartview, Meagan works in the OTP clinic administering methadone to clients that struggle with opiate addiction. Meagan works closely with these clients in completing nursing assessments, assisting the clients with following up with medical providers, scheduling medical appointments, providing education, and caring for any medical/physical needs addressed.  


Mandi Fuchs, LPN

Licensed Practical Nurse


Melody Price, LPN

Licensed Practical Nurse


Averee Zent, RN

Registered Nurse


Julie Kruger, LPN

Licensed Practical Nurse


Kayla Hilbers, CNA, MAI

Lab Manager


06 Residential Services

MeierShawn.jpg Image


Director of Residential Services


Scott Foley

Residential Manager


07 Business

Heartview-Staff_WebBorder16_2RyanMesser.jpg Image

Ryan Messer, CPA

Chief Financial Officer



Heartview-Staff_WebBorder16_10CarolBullinger.jpg Image

Carol Bullinger

Executive Assistant



Heartview-Staff_WebBorder16_11RondaKoenig.jpg Image

Ronda Ripplinger





Tara Sicble

Claims Manager


Melissa Stevahn

Billing Specialist


Sue Koch

Billing Specialist


Kirsten Wald

Administrative Assistant


Karen Whitney

OTP Administrative Assistant


Kristy Mahoney

Administrative Assistant




If you would like more information about Staff, please contact us.