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Alumni Network

Here are the links for 12 Step groups in this area.

An important part of your continued recovery is your support system of healthy, recovering friends. Visit the Heartview's private social network, where you can connect with other people, just like yourself, who have gone through treatment at Heartview. This positive, social network will help you develop new friends, and keep the ones you made while you were in treatment with us.

To join Heartview's private social network: 

 1.) Visit the and sign-up for a profile and acceptance into the Heartview Ning Network. Make sure to fill out your profile as completely as possible.

 2.) A Heartview Ning Administrator will look to approve your acceptance into the Heartview Ning Network. This will make sure that the Heartview Ning Network is private and secure, only allowing access to Heartview Alumni, family & staff. 

 3.) Once you have been approved into the Heartview Ning Network, you can upload a photo, invite friends, or start a conversation by posting content (similar to other social networks such as Facebook).

 4.) Log into your Heartview Ning profile to continually connect and stay connected with your Heartview family.

- If you attempted to sign up and are having difficulty please click here for a detailed explanation.

 **Keep in mind that conversing with fellow Heartview alumni via the Ning network is a privilege. Please avoid derogatory language or other abusive online behavior while on the Heartview Ning Network. Heartview Ning Administrators have the right to remove you from the Heartview Ning Network if you are participating in unacceptable online behavior.

If you would like more information about Alumni Network, please contact us.