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Article from Heartviews - Letter from the Executive Director - Winter 2012

Posted 1/05/12 (Thu)

Merry Christmas,

        I hope that everyone is having a joyous Christmas season. This time of year always causes us to reflect upon the year and take stock of our blessings. Much has happened and it is hard to pick the highlights.

        The biggest accomplishment, as an agency, has to be our renovation. The project was completed in the early summer, but it was difficult to celebrate because so many were in jeopardy with the flooding throughout the state. This was a difficult summer for so many.  Instead of making a "big to-do" over our renovation, we found ourselves at sandbag central or helping friends and neighbors in need. So, the completion was not remarkable but the new surroundings we enjoy every day is very remarkable.

        Another area of interest has been the dramatic trend of prescription drug abuse that has been hitting our nation and our state. It is truly the new "meth epidemic." Heartview Foundation took a role of leadership on this issue, and we were instrumental in changing the laws surrounding the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, (PDMP) in the state of North Dakota.

        The PDMP is a data base that tracks the drugs of abuse that are prescribed in our state. The database can then be accessed by prescribers and dispensers to help deter abuse and diversion of prescription drugs. The change in the law for the PDMP, as of August, allows Licensed Addiction Counselors to access the database in the  same way as prescribers and dispensers.

        It will dramatically change the information available to addiction professionals when evaluating and treating the addicted population. Almost all of the states have PDMPs, but North Dakota is the only state to have the vision to include addiction professionals in direct access to the information.

 Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention the staff and patients here at the Heartview Foundation. As the Executive Director, I am blessed to have the most qualified and most experienced staff of any treatment provider in the region.

         I also recognize the value of our patients. The process of recovery is extremely difficult and every day I applaud the efforts of the afflicted as they battle the disease of addiction. People who are broken by drugs and alcohol, stand up and reclaim their lives with dignity, courage, and hope. And that story, amazing as it is, is not told enough.

Happy New Year

Kurt Snyder, Executive Director


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