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Ask an Expert - Will you have an open house for your new renovation?

Posted 7/11/11 (Mon)

 Will you have an open house for your new renovation?

Yes, the Heartview Foundation will have an open house on Friday July 29, 2011 from 1 – 3 p.m. The $700,000 renovation was recently completed and we are excited to share our new space with others. The renovation completely changed the design and utilization of our building. Some of the most significant changes include: Moving our main entrance to the alley side of our building; a new and inviting lobby area named the “Alumni Plaza”; a large multi-purpose conference room, and a medical laboratory for collecting and processing drug screens. Our 12 bed residential unit did not go through any major changes, but the flow between our administrative/clinical and residential side of our building is much more seamless. The open house will allow visitors to view the entire building including both residential and administrative/clinical. 
Kurt Snyder
Executive Director
Heartview Foundation


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