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Buprenorphine Treatment Underway

Posted 2/09/11 (Wed)

Heartview is now accepting patients into the new medication-assisted therapy program for opioid addiction. Opioid dependence/addiction results from street drugs like heroin and morphine, but also from legal, prescription drugs like Vicodin, Percocet and OxyContin.

Buprenorphine has recently become the medication of choice, instead of methadone, in the treatment of opioid addiction. It has a lower potential for abuse. The medication can be used during both the detoxification and maintenance phases of treatment.
Buprenorphine, the main active component, mimics some of the effects of opioids by attaching to the pain receptors in the brain. It holds so tightly to the receptors that using opioids during maintenance will render no resulting high for the drug user.
Patients in Heartview’s program receive supervised medication administration along-side treatment and support services. Family members are also involved in their loved one’s treatment, receiving education, group involvement, and support. Through this integrated approach, the patient has a greater chance of abstinence from opioids and restoration of a productive and fulfilling life.
      “The buprenorphine program at Heartview is a really exciting addition to the services that we already provide to this community,” says Medical Director Melissa Henke. “We have already seen several patients who have benefited greatly from this program.”


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