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Posted 2/09/11 (Wed)

  Friends of Heartview:

      Happy Holidays to all of you! Everyone here at Heartview is gearing up for the holidays at home and at work. The chaos and stress of the holidays are unavoidable and so is the stress and chaos of our renovation.
     We are currently in the middle of phase I of three phases, and to complicate the renovation even more, we are extremely busy. The challenges of the renovation are too many to name, but the hope and future of our new space keep us going.
     In some ways, it is very similar to early recovery. You develop a plan, and through the destruction, you try to rebuild something new and meaningful. It is scary and full of uncertainty, but you have to trust those who are helping guide you through the process.
      We are currently in the middle of many exciting and promising endeavors as well. First, we love our new website- www.heartview.org. It has become a valuable tool for advertizing and updating activities, groups, or events here at Heartview. It is current, relevant, and very user friendly.
      Built within the website is the Heartview Recovery Network. This is a private, online, recovery support that has exploded with activity! The network is only four months old and we have 138 members, 60 ongoing discussions, 36 events and 15 different blog posts.
      Next, we are a National Institute of Drug Abuse, (NIDA) Clinical Trial Site. This means that we are exposed to the newest and most promising therapies being developed for the field of addiction treatment. When we are chosen to participate in a NIDA Clinical Trial, we will be involved in helping to test and develop the best-practice techniques that will be the future of addiction treatment.  


The Heartview staff is excited and very proud to be a part of something so very important for our field and our patients.
      Another new venture is the development of the “Heartview Parent Network.”   We are excited about the enthusiasm of these parents. The group was developed with the help of Kathleen Schmaltz and it is based on both education and self support. The parents have taken on the responsibility and ownership of the network and the role of reaching out to other parents extremely seriously. One of the parents said to me recently, “We just want to pass on what we have learned to others. It has been so helpful.”
      I see a wider role for the Heartview Parent Network, as they move beyond the parents of youth involved in services at Heartview, to a community wide effort to make a difference. The renovation of our building will help in providing adequate space for the Parent Network to continue to grow. Great job Heartview Parent Network! 
      Finally, on behalf of the Heartview Foundation Board of Directors and staff, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!


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