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From the Executive Director - Fall 2011

Posted 9/30/11 (Fri)


        Myth and legends tell of the Phoenix as a beautiful bird that erupts in flames and burns to ashes. Then out of the ashes, the Phoenix is reborn. This legend can represent the journey of those with the illness of addiction. We flame out and burn from the consequences of our using behaviors.
        But it is only those that embrace recovery that find the rebirth from the ashes to experience a new and brilliant life -- a life in recovery that is steeped in gratitude and joy. The hope of healing and the miracle of recovery is the very essence of the legend of the Phoenix.
        Heartview is blessed to be a part of such an incredible process. The Spirit that embodies our mission allows us to bear witness to the wonderful process of the Phoenix in recovery. The most difficult thing is that we witness so many broken individuals who cannot find recovery and continue to anguish in their disease. We also witness the family members as they stand by with panic and fear that their loved one will not experience the miracle of recovery.
  •        How can we help more people to find recovery? This is a question that we continue to ask ourselves. And we continue to find more answers.
        Data is clear that nation-wide, 50% of those who complete treatment will relapse in the next year. But 80% of them relapse in the first 90 days following treatment. This data screams answers to our question. The most fragile time for those in early recovery is immediately following treatment,   and answers to our question lead us to implement solutions.
  *     In October of this year, we are training Recovery Coaches to help support people as they enter "stage two recovery." Recovery Coaches are role-models, mentors and advocates.
        Recovery Coaches help those they work with to overcome the obstacles of early recovery, such as job search, housing, or applying to college. They are not counselors or sponsors, but they are resource-rich peers. We hope to introduce recovery coaches to patients that are in aftercare and have them maintain contact for months after they complete treatment. Through this program, we can make a difference in those critical 90 days following treatment.
Kurt Snyder, MMGT, BS, LAC



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