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Full-Scale Remodeling Project Continues

Posted 4/13/11 (Wed)

           Phases I and II of Heartview’s full-scale remodeling project are complete!   The first two phases included demolition and remodeling of approximately 50% of the building.  The most notable change is Heartview’s attractive, new entrance.  The main entrance was moved from the north side of the building to the south side.  Entering the building from the south parking lot allows greater convenience for patients and staff alike.  The new glass-enclosed entrance provides a bright, cheerful place to welcome all who enter. The newly decorated waiting room, equipped with a TV, gives patients and visitors a comfortable place to sit as they await services.

          Three of the four new group rooms are finished and in use.  The group rooms are equipped with moveable partitions allowing the rooms to be configured for groups and events of varying sizes.  Special lighting can be dimmed for a more homey atmosphere. Each group room is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics for videos or PowerPoint presentations.   The Business Office and several counseling and administrative offices are finished and in use, along with new bathrooms.

           The final phase began in early April. The Health Information Management Department (Medical Records), the fourth group room, more staff offices, a laboratory, and a specimen collection room are slated for the final phase.  Total completion is expected by late May or early June. 

        When visiting Heartview these days, one will see contractors of many specialties moving about.  The sound of jackhammers and saws remind all those inside that fresh, new space is soon to come. 

         “Nearly every staff member is or has shared an office for all or part of the remodeling.  It’s a time of camaraderie working in close quarters, as everyone awaits completion of this exciting,  remodeling project,” says Executive Director, Kurt Snyder. 






The new waiting room seats patients, families and visitors.




Christy, Carol, Myra, and Ruby (not pictured) enjoy the new Business Office space.



The “Alumni Plaza” entrance is open and in use. Final painting and glass over the
canopy are yet to come.



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