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Heartview Activist Remembered

Posted 2/09/11 (Wed)

Dr. Frank Dixon Conlin, MD, one of Heartview’s great champions, died at the age of 88. Dr. Conlin, a Bismarck orthopedic surgeon, gave Heartview many dedicated years of service in the 1970’s and 80’s as both a board member, active volunteer, advocate, and supporter. 

 Both Dr. Conlin and his wife Marion worked tirelessly to enhance Heartview’s services. Marion went through the counselor training program in 1974, and started the Family Program at Heartview later that year. The program continues to this day.
The efforts of both of these individuals and many others, during Heartview’s formative years, played a cruicial part in making Heartview what it is today. A powerful legacy has been left—one that has helped many patients and their families come to live and breathe the words on Heartview’s logo, “A New Life.” 


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