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Heartview Bismarck Adds Wraparound Services

Posted 10/13/16 (Thu)

Research shows treatment programs that offer wraparound services in addition to core services are more effective in engaging and retaining clients, achieving desired outcomes, and producing sustained change. Clients receiving wraparound services have better outcomes than those who receive only core services,  and clients corroborate this finding, reporting that counseling alone is not sufficient in addressing their needs.

In response to this research, Heartview is now offering  a Relapse/Recidivist Group and a Grief group to their day treatment program. By offering these additional wraparound  services, Heartview hopes to better serve their clientele.

The Relapse/Recidivist Group is facilitated by Bruce Schwan, LAC. This group will meet Tuesday mornings from 10:30 to noon and Thursday from 9:30 to 11am.

The Grief Group is facilitated by Tom Regan, LAC from 2-3pm on Thursdays and individually as needed. Tom is also willing to work with individuals from all levels of care by appointment. 


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