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Heartview Employee Provides Nationwide Training

Posted 1/10/12 (Tue)

Marvis Doster, Heartview’s Director of Nursing & Residential Services, is a national trainer on “Buprenorphine in theTreatment of Opioid Dependence.”  Marvis received her initial training in 2008 through the Prairielands Addiction Technical Transfer Center (ATTC), a regional SAMHSA organization.  Marvis was trained at that time to  educate other professionals in the Dakotas, Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin.  To date, Marvis has provided educational programs in eight cities throughout the region.  She is now on the national registry, and available to do training anywhere in the United States.

“What has helped me the most in understanding medication-assisted therapy, is seeing how it works with our own patients.  I had a more conservative background in addiction treatment that didn’t include medication therapy of this kind.  I have seen miraculous changes in patients when medication is combined with treatment.  It can make an amazing difference. There is more and more interest in the concept nationwide, due to the huge increase in street and prescription narcotics use throughout the country.”

Marvis holds the distinction of being a Certified Addictions Registered Nurse (CARN) under the guidelines of the International Nurses Society on Addictions.  To achieve this title, Marvis completed a requisite number of years’ experience in the addiction field, maintains addiction-specific continuing education requirements, and must offer addiction-related training to other professionals.  Marvis is a 40-year veteran in the field, working most of her years at Heartview Foundation.



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