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Heartview Featured in National Publication - Addiction Professional

Posted 12/05/14 (Fri)

Featured in Addiction Professional a national publication that is the addiction treatment and prevention field’s clinical magazine outlining what’s working in services for people with addictive disorders.

Bridging the rural divide

November 28, 2014 by Gary A. Enos, Editor

Take a sparsely populated state roughly the size of Kentucky and Tennessee combined, account for half a year's worth of turbulent weather, and consider a rapidly changing demographic attracted by a booming energy industry, and it immediately becomes clear why North Dakota treatment providers face serious challenges in engaging and retaining persons with urgent substance use-related problems.

The Bismarck-based Heartview Foundation has had to undergo significant change in its 50-year history to meet evolving needs. Operating a 100-bed inpatient facility in its early years, the nonprofit organization was forced by a combination of insurance pressures and geography to establish a broader continuum of services and support.

“There were so many folks in areas that had absolutely no services,” says Kurt Snyder, who was hired as a counselor at Heartview in 2002 and became its executive director three years later. “We had to be really creative.” Continue reading...


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