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Juvenile Drug Program Started

Posted 1/31/11 (Mon)

As part of a collaborative, grant-based program, Heartview is working with the Division of Juvenile Services (DJS) and YouthWorks to provide a comprehensive treatment program for juvenile offenders. The program officially began with its first patients on November 23rd. Heartview provides the addiction treatment, YouthWorks provides mentoring services and some work with the families, and DJS oversees the program and makes referrals to Heartview for treatment services.

The program is for kids in trouble with the law who are in the custody of the state. The kids have recently been in long-term and short-term placements at correctional facilities and are now back in the community in the homes of their parents or foster parents.
“The goal of the program is to reduce recidivism,” says counselor Dawn Hultin, who is working with the juveniles at Heartview. They will receive intensive outpatient treatment, and then move into aftercare or individual therapy for the duration of their treatment at Heartview.

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