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Kurt Snyder Featured in ND Rural Behavioral Health Newsletter

Posted 3/12/14 (Wed)

Project Director Comments

I am excited about this month’s ND Rural Behavioral Health Network (NDRBHN) Newsletter. The first article was submitted by Kurt Snyder and gives us good information on concerns related to insurance reimbursements that have been reduced since the implementation of the ACA in ND. This topic is important for all of us to understand and to motivate us to advocate for change. Our existing ND Mandates in the ND Century Code are stronger for behavioral health reimbursement than the ACA.

The second and third articles were brought to our attention by Josh Kramer from ND USDA. Josh and Kurt are both members of the NDRBHN Advisory Council and we appreciate their willingness to share with our readers.

Loss of Critical Benefits

By Kurt Snyder, Executive Director, Heartview Foundation
Member of RBHN Advisory Council

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) results in more people obtaining health insurance coverage but unfortunately it includes a loss of benefits for substance abuse. ND’s benchmark plan was allowed to apply exclusions for individuals 21 or older for residential treatment. New marketplace and Medicaid Expansion plans will have no residential coverage for adults age 21 or older. Furthermore, BCBSND discontinued ...Continue Reading...


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