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Leach Foundation Money Received

Posted 1/09/12 (Mon)

In 2009, the Tom and Frances Leach Foundation generously awarded Heartview Foundation a grant of approximately $140,000 to go toward a large-scale building remodeling project.  Payments began in December of 2009 and were slated to continue annually for the next four years.  The Leach Foundation recently issued a check to Heartview for the balance of the grant, completing payment before 2013, as planned.

                 The three-phase construction project officially began with a groundbreaking ceremony in November of 2010 and was completed in May of 2011.  The grant money from the Foundation and other donors enabled Heartview to remodel and enhance about 2/3 of its building and to erect a new entrance to the facility.  Public access to the building was changed to the south side, allowing patients, staff, and visitors to enter directly from the parking lot.  The new entry is built of translucent glass, symbolically radiating the hope of healing and the miracle of recovery.  “The door to recovery is a difficult door to walk through,” says Executive Director, Kurt Snyder.  “The entry was designed to be a special place for those who come here.”

In addition to the new entrance, Heartview now has two new waiting rooms, a specimen collection lab, new and remodeled bathrooms, additional offices, new Business Office and Health Information Management departments, and a large community center that can be divided into 4 separate group rooms.  The large space is named The Tom and Frances Leach Foundation Community Hall, in remembrance of the generosity of these individuals. 

The couple launched North Dakota’s oil industry, and in 1955, they established the Tom and Frances Leach Foundation “to provide charitable grants in support of worthwhile endeavors and to follow its mission of promoting public welfare.” In its more than 50 years of existence, the Foundation has donated over $10 million dollars toward countless projects and programs.  Thank you to the Leach Foundation and other donors for making this beautiful home for Heartview possible!



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