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Medication Assisted Therapy Program Underway

Posted 8/04/10 (Wed)

The Heartview staff has been working with Medical Director Dr. Melissa Henke to offer medication assisted therapy to patients addicted to opiates. Staff have been trained on the use of Buprenorphine, which can be used for detoxification or longer term maintenance to support the other recovery efforts utilized in the treatment process at Heartview.

Dr. Henke completed the American Society of Addiction Medicine training program in preparation for prescribing this medication. She will be treating patients at Heartview, with the assistance of the nurses and other clinical and residential staff, using this important advancement in the care of patients with opiate dependence. Currently, Heartview staff are in the final planning and policy stages and will be ready to accept patients into the medication assisted therapy program in July 2010.
As part of this program, Heartview will facilitate a special support group for our patients utilizing this medication therapy. Please contact the nurses, Marvis or Anna, with questions about the therapy or information on how to access services at Heartview.


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