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October - Ask a Pro - What can be done to reduce relapse?

Posted 10/27/11 (Thu)

What can be done to reduce relapse?

          Nation-wide, less than half of persons admitted to addiction treatment successfully complete treatment. In contrast the Heartview Foundation tracks pretty consistently a 70% or better treatment completion rate. The national data also tells us that of those that complete treatment, 50% relapse within the first year. A vast majority of them (80%) do so in the first 90 days following treatment. I am convinced that the Heartview Foundation has better outcomes than those tracked nationally, but these are very telling numbers. It helps us understand the need to increase our support in the initial months following the completion of treatment.
          So how can we do this? The Heartview Foundation is in the process of training and implementing Recovery Coaches. Recovery Coaches are trained to help those in early recovery remove barriers that block them from attaining long-term recovery. Lack of employment, poor housing, minimal education, and financial planning are just a few of the areas where Recovery Coaches will offer assistance. It is our goal to offer the support of Recovery Coaches prior to them completing treatment and throughout the initial months following treatment. We are excited to offer this new service and we are convinced that these coaches will make a difference in increasing people’s quality of life as well as reducing relapse rates.
Kurt Snyder
Executive Director



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