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Recovery Coach Program Planned

Posted 1/11/12 (Wed)

Heartview Foundation is involved in a collaborative program called “Second Chance”, with Youthworks and the Division of Juvenile Services.   A grant was awarded to the Second Chance Program from the US Department of Justice to implement a Recovery Coach Program, making it the first program in North Dakota to provide life/recovery coaching.  The program’s purpose is to reduce recidivism among incarcerated youth returning to the community. 

Bruce Schwan, a Heartview counselor with over 30 years in the field, attended a recent training program held in Hartford, Connecticut, to become a Recovery Coach trainer.  He is the only trainer in the state of North Dakota.  Heartview’s intent is to expand this mentoring program to include adults as well as adolescents.  National statistics indicate that more than 50% of people completing addiction treatment relapse within the first year, most within 90 days of discharge.  The coaching program will add an essential element during treatment and continue throughout the critical post-treatment time.  Coaches will use a combination of face-to-face meetings, phone calls, texting & emails to communicate with their assigned mentees, as they help them improve skills such as relationship-building,  daily living, job or education searches, leisure activities, etc.

“The program is not meant to replace AA and NA sponsorship,” says Bruce.  “Recovery coaches will refer to self-help groups and encourage sponsorship. This is the part of recovery that’s been missing!”



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