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Remodeling Project Complete

Posted 9/30/11 (Fri)

 The Heartview Foundation’s almost year-long remodeling project is complete! The entire space, except the recently remodeled Residential Unit has a fresh, new look. After the building was purchased in July of 2006, much-needed improvements were made to what had been a building designed to house separate businesses.

                    New Entrance
The remodeling project resulted in a brand new entrance built of translucent glass leading to a beautiful reception/waiting room. Four connecting meeting rooms were created that can be opened into one large community room. A private urine collection room, adjoining lab and a private second waiting area were added, as were more counselor offices. Medical Records and the Business Office also have new areas.

Thomas and Frances Leach
Community Room>>>>
A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on July 29th by members of the Bismarck Chamber of Commerce. Executive Director, Kurt Snyder, talked to the group about the meaning of the new entrance. “As many patients and families know, the door to recovery is the most difficult door to open and walk through,” Snyder said.” This entrance was designed to be a special place—a beacon of hope for those coming to Heartview for services.”
Two open houses were held, one in conjunction with the reunion, and a second one at the time of the annual ND Alcohol & Substance Abuse Summit. 
Main Reception Area (above left)            Private Waiting Room(above right)
Mural designed by former patient
Heidi R.



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