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Remodeling Project Set to Begin

Posted 8/27/10 (Fri)

The Heartview Foundation is getting a makeover, beginning in September! The entire space will be remodeled except the previously remodeled Residential Unit. After the building was purchased in July of 2006, all parts were occupied without any reconfiguring of the space. Changes are essential. Approximately 3,000 urine alcohol/drug screens are collected per year, and they must be collected in Heartview’s public restrooms. This practice is intrusive and lacks the privacy necessary for this important service. The new space will have a private urine collection room and adjoining laboratory.

Ninety percent of Heartview’s patients, guests and visitors access the facility through the back door. As the building is now, they must then search for the lobby and receptionist. The remodel will control the flow and access of all visitors, leading to a more comfortable entrance and privacy for everyone. Finally, the remodel will make the best use of space by providing more counselor offices and multipurpose group and community rooms.
The new entryway will be a structure built of translucent glass to radiate the light of hope and recovery. As many patients and families know, the door to recovery is the most difficult door to open and walk through. The entry will be designed to be a special place—a beacon of hope for those coming to Heartview for services.

 Click here to view building plans!

 Your help is needed! The cost of the remodel is approximately $800,000. Heartview was generously awarded a $140,000 grant by the Tom and Frances Leach Foundation for the project. Heartview Foundation must make up the difference. Enclosed in this newsletter is an “Alumni Plaza” pledge card. Please consider checking one of the boxes in the shaded area. Those who do will be recognized on an honorary plaque in the waiting room as founding members of the Alumni Plaza. Gifts of any size, large and small, will be used to make the Alumni Plaza the gateway to “A New Life of Recovery.” 


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