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Sculpture Comes Home

Posted 7/11/11 (Mon)

A Sculpture entitled “The Warrior” was donated to Heartview Foundation inthe mid 1970’s and has stood in Heartview’s former Mandan, ND, location since its dedication. Finally, approximately 15 years after Heartview Foundation relocated to Bismarck, the sculpture has come home. Generously donated back to Heartview by Teen Challenge, “The Warrior” now stands in the new entrance to Heartview known as the Alumni Plaza.

According to the creator’s father, former Heartview Executive Director Dr. Olav Gardebring, the sculpture was made by Thomas while he was at the Minneapolis School of Fine Arts in the 1970’s. “Some people look at it and say it shows a depressed man,...but no. This is a man who has been in trouble and is raising his shoulders and getting up.”

Thomas died of brain cancer in 2010, after a courageous three year

 battle. His message lives on. “The Warrior” stands at Heartview’s front door, showing everyone who enters that they too can raise their shoulders and stand up.  


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