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Social Network Growing

Posted 4/13/11 (Wed)

                   The “NING” social network, launched as part of Heartview’s new website, is running strong. As of this publication, the network has 177 members enrolled. Counselors post weekly discussion topics related to treatment and recovery . Any member may post a reply, start a discussion of their own, blog, or chat with other members. 

              The network’s purpose is to link recovering patients and their families with others who are also seeking a life of sobriety. The network also provides a way for current patients to have yet another contact with their counselor and group each week. The network is private and open only to Heartview friends, patients, families, and staff.

To join, visit heartview.org and click “Join the Conversation” at the bottom of the home page or contact Jodi at Heartview for assistance.


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