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Substance Abuse Treatment Advocates Remembered

Posted 6/12/12 (Tue)

      An oil painting was donated by Heartview employees Marvis Doster and Beth Stroup-Menge in memory of two women who made significant contributions to the field of substance abuse treatment. The painting, signifying tranquility and never-ending hope, hangs in Heartview’s main hallway — a place where many patients and family members pass by as they enter Heartview’s services.

       The two women remembered are Sue Stenehjem-Brown and Karen Larson.  Sue, a licensed addiction counselor, worked at Heartview at two different time periods from 1979 through 1984, first as Director of Adult Services and later as Co-Clinical Director.  Sue passed away in 2006 after a lengthy battle with a neurological illness.   Karen, most recently a board member at Heartview, died unexpectedly in May of 2011.  Karen also served at Heartview as Director of Nursing Services from 1979 to 1987.

     “Both of these women were champions in the field of addiction and the care of addicted individuals,” says Beth, one of the donors of the art piece.  “They were leaders in our state and nation in advancing the field of addictions. Both were women of integrity who were so knowledgeable and respected by their peers.”



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