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Withdrawal Management

Train the Trainer session was developed to assist professionals in behavioral healthcare and criminal justice system to develop experts within their organizations to train staff on the concepts of withdrawal management and to develop staff skills to better manage individuals who came into their settings who were intoxicated and/or demonstrating symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol and/or opiates. Training on two specific withdrawal assessment tools is included in the training, Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment of Alcohol Scale, Revised (CIWA-Ar) and the Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale (COWS). The following details the objectives of the training session in more detail.

- Participants will understand the basic symptoms of intoxification and withdrawal from substances of abuse.

- Participants will gain knowledge of the different settings and approaches to safe withdrawal management.

- Participants will gain an understanding of the assessment of persons at risk for withdrawal and the medications and other interventions utilized to safely treat withdrawal.

- Participants will develop skills in monitoring for withdrawal with assessment tools: CIWA-Ar and COWS and necessary documentation.

- Participants will develop skills in assessment for symptoms of physical, mental and behavioral symptoms associated with substance abuse that would warrant referral for immediate medical or psychiatric intervention.

- Participants will develop knowledge of their community resources for support in the management of withdrawal.


The training can be viewed in approximately 2 hours. Please contact your professional licensing board to inquire about CEU’s.

Correctional Health Integration Initiative - Withdrawal Management - Training of Trainers - Marvis Doster, RN, CARN

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