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Evaluation Services

Whether you have been mandated by a court for an evaluation, or are seeking an evaluation on your own, you may call Heartview to make an appointment. Generally, you can be seen within a day or two.
When you arrive for the scheduled appointment, a highly-qualified addiction counselor will meet with you and do a comprehensive assessment of your situation. This includes gaining information about your alcohol or drug use from you, your family member, or another significant individual in your life. The counselor may also request that one of our nurses see you regarding withdrawal issues or other physical problems.
Additional testing will be done as part of the evaluation, including a nationally used questionnaire and a lab test of your urine. 
An evaluation is the first step on your path toward recovery. Our understanding staff will assist you through the process. At the end of your evaluation, our multi-disciplinary team will make a recommendation on what is best for you. The recommendations may be that no serious problem exists and no further services are needed. It may be that you need to attend a class to learn about the dangers of addiction.   Or the recommendation may be that you need treatment at Heartview. Whatever the outcome, our trusted, caring staff will help you along the way.
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