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Opioid Treatment Program

Medication Assisted Withdrawal & Treatment

*What does Heartview offer that’s different? 
Medication-assisted treatment can only help with the physical aspect of opioid dependence. It takes more than medication to gain longterm recovery from this addiction. Treatment through a clinic or doctor’s office provides physical support, but treatment through Heartview Foundation provides much more. 

Heartview offers medication-assisted treatment that is fully integrated into our comprehensive, holistic treatment program. Patients will receive supervised medication administration in conjunction with an array of treatment and support services from a highly trained team of professionals. Patients will be educated on the effects of drug use and learn to identify triggers that cause relapse. They will learn techniques for coping with high-risk situations and be given help in restoring physical health.  

At Heartview, family members will be involved in their loved one’s treatment through education and group involvement. Through this integrated approach, the user has a greater chance of  abstinence from opioids and restoration of a productive life.

Opioid dependence is a chronic, relapsing, medical condition that requires long-term treatment and patient support. At Heartview we offer three different medications:

All of these medications are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in the treatment of opioid-use disorders. Our medical team can find the one best suited to your individual needs.

Methadone                                          Buprenorphine                                                  Vivitrol

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