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Buprenorphine Services

Medication Assisted Withdrawal & Treatment

 Opioid dependence is a chronic, relapsing, medical condition that requires long-term treatment and patient support. Buprenorphine therapy is one component of that support. Buprenorphine has recently become the medication of choice, instead of methadone, in the treatment of opioid addiction. It has a lower potential for abuse. The medication can be used during both the detoxification and maintenance phases of treatment. 

Two active components, buprenorphine and naloxone, are administered in one-pill form under the tongue. The medication eliminates cravings and helps subside opioid withdrawal symptoms. Buprenorphine, the main active ingredient, mimics some of the effects of opioids by attaching to the pain receptors in the brain. It holds so tightly to the receptors that using opioids during maintenance will render no resulting high for the drug user.

 The second ingredient, naloxone, is added to the medication so there is no temptation to dissolve and inject the medication in a desperate attempt for a high. If this is done, naloxone negates the effects of buprenorphine and immediately throws the user into withdrawal. 

Buprenorphine can be prescribed through a doctor’s office, but Heartview offers a more comprehensive program. Medication-assisted treatment can only help you with the physical part of your opioid dependence. It takes more than medication to gain long-term recovery from this addiction.  

Heartview offers medication-assisted treatment that is fully integrated into our comprehensive, holistic treatment approach. Here, you will receive supervised medication administration alongside a whole array of treatment and support services. You will be educated on the effects of drug use and learn to identify triggers that cause relapse. You will learn techniques for coping with high-risk situations and be given help in restoring your physical health as well.

At Heartview, family members will be involved in your treatment, through education and group involvement. With this integrated approach, you will have a greater chance of abstinence from opioids and restoration of a productive life.


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