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Family Programming

Family programming is an essential part of all treatment categories at Heartview. We understand that addiction profoundly affects the family (or significant others), and healing must occur for both the patient and the family.  Family members are often involved in the assessment process, helping us understand your alcohol or drug use and the problems it has caused.  Once you are in treatment, we support and educate your family members as they deal with understanding your disease, treatment, and healing process.

At the point you are ready,  Your family members (or significant others) will come to Heartview and receive help in understanding addiction.  They will participate in your group, where a caring counselor will guide all of you through the process.  You and your family will share the stress within the family, identify assets of your family relationship, and learn about the changes necessary to establish positive relationships.  Family members will also meet with our family program counselor for education and care. 

Family programming for patients in Residential or  daytime Outpatient  treatment is for a 2-day period.  If you attend evening programming, your family will attend six Thursday evening sessions with you. 


If you would like more information about Family Programming, please contact us.