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Residential Services

In Bismarck, a 16-bed residential center is available for patients 18 years and older who need closely-monitored, 24 hour per day treatment. Our brand new unit will provide a temporary home for you during treatment. In Cando, a 16 bed residential center is avalaible for patients 18 years and older. Our sprawling rural facility provides all that is necessary for your stay with us while completing treatment.

 If needed, you will be stabilized by our caring nursing and residential staff. At this time, you will receive adequate fluid, nutrition, monitoring, appropriate medication, and support until you are ready to begin your treatment. 

When ready, you will attend group, where you will find others just like yourself, who are seeking to conquer this illness. Together with your group, your counselor will take you through the steps of recovery. 

 In addition to group therapy, you will also

  • Continue being assessed and monitored by our nursing staff.
  • Receive medication-assisted treatment, if appropriate.
  • Receive psychological testing and referral, if needed.
  • Learn healthy lifestyle practices in yoga.
  • Learn relaxation techniques through acupuncture (if desired).
  • Have your spiritual needs taken care of by our chaplain.
  • Take part in some creative art sessions.
  • Listen to talks or view videos on many topics related to overcoming your addiction
  • Be given help in anger management and parenting, to name a few subjects.
  • Take part in many supervised activities away from Heartview, including the opportunity to exercise at a gym, attend movies and community events, attend the church of your choice, attend AA or NA meetings, etc.

Here is a list of items that are allowed in the residence and also items that you should leave at home. Allowed Items (pdf). Medications should be brought in original bottles.

 Family Programming is also an integral part of Residential Treatment.  At the appropriate time in your treatment, your family will come to Heartview to participate in this service with you.

If your family and/or close friends have any questions about life in the residence the following handout may be helpful to them. Info for family and friends (pdf).

If you would like more information about Residential Services, please contact us.