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New Outdoor Art Installation Located at Heartview

People installing a mural.

Arts for All, a Bismarck-based nonprofit with a mission of bringing art at no cost to people with disabilities, at-risk and low-income individuals, has collaborated with Heartview Foundation on an art installation located outside of Heartview’s 101 E Broadway facility.

The art installation was designed by Melissa Gordon, an Arts for All volunteer, and consists of wings made up of individual feathers which were created by Heartview patients.

“Heartview staff showed me the wall outside and said they would like to do something creative with it,” said Gordon. “I came across paper wings in an elementary school where each feather was its own individual creation. I thought it was so cool and that is where I drew the inspiration from.”

Gordon spent around five hours cutting out each individual feather to create a canvas for clients and weatherproofing the art. A Heartview patient suggested an art technique called hydro dipping, which involves adding spray paint to a bucket of water and submerging the canvas.

“Heartview is very grateful to have Arts for All volunteers work with our patients every week,” said Cathy Palczewski, a case manager at Heartview. “The art installation is reminiscent of the recovery journey; clients learn to spread their wings as they learn about themselves as sober individuals and learn to fly after being trapped in addiction. Our clients are unbelievably creative and art gives them something positive and tangible that they have created with their own hands and also introduces them to a positive hobby they can continue in their recovery.”

“I’ve been volunteering at Heartview for about two years and I absolutely love it,” says Gordon. “I’ve learned that addiction can affect anybody at any point in their life, I’ve had all walks of life in my classroom. I have the most fascinating, creative people in class and to see them succeed makes me so happy.”

“As one of our facilities is located in downtown Bismarck, it is important to us to be a good neighbor,” says Jennifer Greuel, communications manager. “The art installation adds beauty and interest that we hope will draw more people to local, downtown businesses.”

Arts for All and Heartview Foundation are working on approval for a second art project to be located nearby the wings.