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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long is the wait to get into treatment?

    The wait list for residential treatment depends on how long the current residents need to stay in treatment. The wait for a bed can be several weeks long, but wait time can be reduced if you answer your phone each time Heartview calls, as we often have an opening with little notice. It can also be reduced if you are willing to travel to Cando for treatment.

    The wait time for outpatient services depends on the level of service needed.

  2. What insurance do you accept?

    Heartview accepts all major private insurances, Medicaid, the North Dakota Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Voucher, and private pay. If you do not have insurance, our team will work with you to get signed up for assistance.

  3. What kinds of addiction/health issues do you treat?

    Heartview is primarily a substance use and alcohol treatment facility. We treat addiction to alcohol, opioids, heroin, methamphetamine, prescription drugs, and other illicit substances. We provide information and tools to current patients who wish to quit tobacco or nicotine. All Heartview facilities (Cando, Dickinson and Bismarck) are able to treat people with co-occurring mental disorders.

  4. What items can I bring with me to residential treatment?
  5. What can I do if my family member does not want to go to treatment?

    Heartview is not a locked facility, residents are encouraged to stay in treatment, but Heartview does not keep people against their will. Although an individual does not necessarily have to be completely “ready” for treatment in order for it to work and can be encouraged to get treatment by friends and family, they do need to be willing to physically stay in the building.

  6. Is Heartview religious or associated with the AA/NA treatment model?

    Heartview's comprehensive, professional care includes evidenced-based treatment, an individualized treatment plan, and a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, addiction counselors, case managers, and more. Heartview provides personalized treatment programs in which the 12 steps of AA/NA may be incorporated. Clients are encouraged to attend AA/NA and other recovery groups alongside professional services at Heartview to help create support systems and healthy coping mechanisms. Heartview is not faith-based but we do have chaplains on staff to discuss spirituality with anyone who is interested.

  7. Why do alcohol and drug-addicted people keep using?

    The medical community agrees that addiction is a complex disease and not a moral failing. Although the initial use of drugs or alcohol is usually a choice, long-term alcohol and drug use have been shown to cause changes in the brain that make it difficult to quit, even if the person wants to. Learn more.

  8. What ages do you treat?

    Heartview is licensed to provide residential treatment for patients 18 and older and outpatient treatment to ages 14 and older.

  9. How can I sign up for the Opioid Treatment Program?

    Heartview's Opioid Treatment Program in Bismarck doses methadone to patients in recovery from opioids and provides counseling and case management services.

    To enroll in the program, come to Heartview to do a walk-in evaluation Monday through Thursday, 8-10 a.m.

    For more information about the Opioid Treatment Program, click here.