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Your Story Matters- Kyle's Story

Kyle’s addiction spiraled in 2021 when he went through a bitter divorce. “I really went downhill,” he says. “I had never gotten into meth and I dove in headfirst, then got into fentanyl.”

He had a wakeup call when he saw his first overdose. “I was in this house with 19 people, and I was the only person doing anything to save this kid’s life. By the grace of God I got this dude in the car and got him help. Two days later, I called my family and told them I was going to die if I didn’t do something.”

Kyle’s family came and picked him up and tried to help him go through withdrawals several times on the living room couch. But the withdrawals were so bad that he would leave the house and use again.

“Heartview Cando was super, super supportive,” he says. “They cared about how you were doing day to day. What I loved the most, they were there to help you, but they weren’t going to do it for you. It was good for me because it was the slow learning steps that I needed to do to get my addiction under control. I’m still sober today, which proves it works. I still talk with four or five guys that I went through with that are still sober today.”

Prior to coming to treatment, Kyle couldn’t hold down a job. He knew that sober living would be an important next step for him to take, he had previously gone through treatment but after five months, ended up relapsing.

“Before treatment I couldn’t do anything that a normal person would do day-to-day,” Kyle says. “Now I have a career. My recovery is super strong, I am known within the NA community. My life has completely changed, if I hadn’t gone through Heartview my life would still be in the gutter.”

Today, Kyle is a peer support specialist in Fargo, using his past to help others find recovery. “I can’t believe they pay me to do what I do.”

In the last two weeks, he made a personal breakthrough when he was able to reconnect with his kids, which had been a goal for his recovery.

This Giving Hearts Day, you can help people like Kyle change their lives. Early giving is open using the links below: