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"I couldn’t live with all the blame, shame and guilt I carried any longer."

Kristy struggled with being in her own skin since she was a little girl. By age 26, numbing emotions & blocking out thoughts with alcohol was her normal. Not anymore.

“I came to Heartview in April 2023. I couldn’t live with all the blame, shame and guilt I carried any longer. I didn’t realize how far back my problems and the trauma went, until I came to treatment.”

“There was snow everywhere as we pulled up. All I could see was white. And I thought, I couldn’t wait to disconnect from the noise of the world. I wasn’t supposed to get in to treatment that day because there was a snowstorm, but I begged to get in. They worked some magic and I got in. “

“From the moment I walked through the doors, I loved Heartview Cando.” It wasn’t easy right away for Kristy to open up to strangers she just met. Little did she know those strangers would all become part of her journey.  

“After settling in I was more comfortable and started working the program. I loved the staff: from day one, from Shari’s compassionate and understanding, to the nurse walking me through the steps, to Wanda really listening- I felt heard by her. And DeEtta, she was my comfort blanket. Haeley is an angel sent to me. She is such a huge positive influence in my life who I connect with religiously. I connected with Jen the first day because she was real and shared her childhood experiences. This was the exact support I needed to start to my healing journey.”

“I was suffering from my core out before coming to treatment. I didn’t want anyone to get close to me because I was so ashamed who I was. My life after treatment has transformed. I have to thank my support system. Heartview for leading me to cross paths with Kelsey at Vocational Rehab, Tim with Sunrise Counseling, Nathan & Bridget at FAA, Jennifer at Marco and The Pursuit Church. It takes help to move mountains. Because they believe in me, I have been able to help heal others and I allow others in to help heal me.”

“If I could give any encouragement to those who are struggling with the same guilt and shame, I would say take care of yourself. Your mind body & spirit are one. There is nothing wrong with you. Give yourself grace.”

“I used to tell my kids not to be like me. I used to tell them, “don’t do what I do.” Now I am proud to say that my kids and I are growing together in a healthy manner. I have a beautiful family, they aren’t all blood-related, and they know who they are.”

“When I came to treatment, I completely surrendered myself and was honest with myself. Ever since then I can’t even begin to tell you all the doors that have opened, and the ones that needed to be closed, I locked that door shut!”

“I realized I didn’t ever love myself and I found love in all the wrong places. Once I started finding it within myself, I was able to really love my family and everyone else that is irreplaceable to me. Now I am able to help people in my career and I am living my dreams.”