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Opioid Treatment Program (OTP)

Heartview's Opioid Treatment Program doses methadone to patients in recovery from opioids and provides counseling and case management services.


Monday through Friday 6am to 10am

Saturday/Sunday: 7am to 9am

Holiday hours vary (holidays include: New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day

Contact Information:

OTP Reception: 701-751-5762, OTP fax #: 701-751-5769

OTP Nursing: 701-751-6155, Email:

Guest Dosing


If you have never been to our clinic, there is a one-time $10 set up fee

Clinic doses are $20; take-home doses are $18

  • In-state individuals: Heartview will bill active insurance, any uncovered fees will be the responsibility of the patient. Individuals without insurance will be required to pay the per-day guest dosing fee.

  • Out-of-state individuals: Regardless of insurance, individuals from out-of-state are required to pay the per day guest dosing fee.


  • In-state orders should be faxed to our clinic 3 days prior to your arrival.
  • Out-of-state orders should be faxed to our clinic 5 days prior to your arrival.
  • Your clinic should ensure the orders have been received.
  • What to bring:
    • Must have a valid photo ID or a person who can attest your identity (they must have a valid ID to do so)
    • Insurance cards or payment method (any out-of-state guest dosers will be required to pay out of pocket)
  • On the first day of orders, guest dosing patients should arrive prior to 9:30am to complete the appropriate documentation. After this, patients can arrive at any time during dosing hours. Late dosing is not accepted.  

Heartview Guest-Dose Policy

Heartview Opioid Treatment Program will consider providing guest dosing to patients from other appropriately licensed programs when the following conditions are met:

  • Patient is in good standing with program requirements
  • Patient is not in the induction phase of treatment
  • Patient is on a stable dose of medication and not scheduled for any adjustments while absent from their home clinic
  • Patient is medically and psychiatrically stable

If the medication order has been written by a mid-level practitioner, staff must verify with the State Opioid Treatment Authority in the state of the sending program that SAMHSA has granted the exemption request for a mid-level practitioner to write medication orders.

Last minute requests may be accepted in an emergency if all required information is validated.

Maximum allowed length of guest dosing orders is 28 days; this is considered one cycle. Guest dosing orders will not be allowed to exceed 2 consecutive cycles. After this, the patient is required to dose in their home clinic for 30 days. Upon completion of 30 day dosing at their home clinic, patient may return to Heartview for guest dosing services. Deviation from this policy may be granted for extenuating circumstances such as incarceration. Documentation identifying the need for extension beyond this policy may be requested from the patient’s home clinic.

Heartview has the right to refuse to guest dose an individual. In the case of a refusal, program staff will notify the sending program/clinic as soon as possible.